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(Updated 1-30-23)

1.      All managers and coaches must be at least 18 years old.

2.      When Persons of equal ability request an open team, it will be determined by a secret vote of the Board of Directors who will get the team.

3.      No person shall manage more than one team during the ELL season without the prior approval of the Board of Directors.

4.      All managers and coaches are responsible for their assigned equipment.  They shall return it immediately to their Divisional Vice President at the conclusion of the season.

5.      At least one manager, coach, or their representatives must attend all coaches meetings, team representative meetings, field work days and any meetings called by their Vice President.

6.      Each team must be represented at scheduled field workdays.  Failure to have a representative will result in an additional task, assigned by the Board of Directors, to be completed.

7.      Managers and coaches are not to permit their players to go to the concession stand during the games except for ice or water.  All players must remain in the dugouts when not in a playing position.

8.      Practice is not permitted on the same day after playing a regularly scheduled or rescheduled game.

9.      No team, regular season or tournament, may solicit funds for the exclusive use of their team without the consent of the Board of directors.

10.  Managers and coaches are to report all injuries occurring during practice or schedule games to their Vice President and/or Safety Director within 48 hours. Incident reports are in the concession and must be filled out and turned into Safety Director. Regardless of severity.

11.  A manager must report to his Vice President 24 hours in advance if a player is not to be played due to disciplinary action.  The Vice President must approve of this action.  A player so designated cannot be placed in the lineup of that particular game.  The opposing manager is to be made aware of these conditions prior to the start of the game.

12.  In the event a player terminates playing on a team either though quitting or injury, that team’s manager must notify his Vice President within 48 hours.  The Vice President must inform the Player Agent within 24 hours for appropriate action.

13.  Teams are to pickup trash in their dugout, around their field and around their parents’ bleachers after every game and before going to the concession stand.

14.  It is the responsibility of the home team to line the field and install the bases prior to the game.  It is both teams’ responsibility to rake the field and to put everything away after the game.  Both teams will work to get the field playable after inclement weather.

15.  Backstops and fences may not be used for “soft toss” batting practice.

16.  No team will be forced to forfeit a game during the official school year due to school activities taking two or more players from a scheduled game.  Please let your VP know of the situation A.S.A.P.  The game will be rescheduled.

17.  Any team who cannot field a team for a rescheduled game must provide written notice to the division Vice President within 48 hours after knowledge of the rescheduled game.  The written notice must include acceptable reasons.  The Vice President will verify the reasons and notify the Player Agent and managers of this decision.

18.  Time limit for all (“Pitched games”) Minor division and older regular season games will be as follows:

·        No new inning will start after 2:15 from game scheduled start time.

·        Drop dead status will apply 2:30 from game scheduled start time. *

Ø At this time the batter will finish their at bat, or the next out will conclude the game.

Ø The Score reverts to the last played inning.

*only a game delayed by a weather delay can extend these guidelines. 

19.  No team shall be permitted any infield practice or warm-up on the playing field when a preceding game has reached or passed the starting time of the next scheduled game. Please note: If both teams don’t have time to take infield, then neither team will be permitted. Unless option is waived by one of the teams.

20.  If lightning or thunder is detected by anyone, the umpire or a Board member will determine when play will stop.  Players will be sent immediately to a shelter or their vehicles.  Dugouts are not considered as suitable shelter for this purpose.  NO player is dismissed until notified by the manager of his team, so please have players stay at the park until games are resumed or canceled.  Play may resume when no lightning has been detected in the range for 30 minutes.

21.  No Manager is allowed to trade or move any kids from one team to another without the approval of the Player Agent, the division VP and the Board of Directors.

22.  Lights on Centennial C7 or C3 may be turned on at the discretion of any Board Member or the umpire. Please ask a Board member/Concession worker to turn on.

23.  Tobacco use of any kind including Vapes is prohibited in the presence of any players, including before, during, and after any practices and games.

24.  Rule 4.07 states: If a manager, coach, player, or parent is ejected from the game, they must leave the playing area.  Failure to do so will result in his/her team forfeiting that game. The playing area includes the playing field, the bleachers, and extends from the backstop fence to the outfield fence. (See Note B below) Any manager, coach or player ejected from a game is automatically suspended for his/her teams next physically played game and MAY NOT attend the game site. Note A: When a player is ejected, that player must leave with his\her parents if the player is of non-driving age. If no parent is present at the game the ejected player will remain in the dugout for the remainder of the game or until a parent can take the player home. Note B: Acceptable places to wait until game is complete for Managers, Coaches or Parents who have a player still playing in the game are C2 (@ Centennial) and Parking lot by creek of Oberer.   

25.  All protests must be submitted in writing by 12:00 midnight on the day following the game to either your Vice President or the Player Agent.  All protests will be heard by the Protest Committee consisting of the President, the appropriate Vice President, Player Agent, Umpire in Chief and Secretary.  The Secretary’s only function is to furnish a written record of the protest.  This committee’s action will be final.  Any member of the Protest Committee who is a manager or coach in the league involved will be removed from the committee.

26.  All Board Members shall be eligible to umpire if assigned or to replace a non-showing assigned umpire but would be removed from the Protest Committee if involved in a dispute.  Board Members shall not umpire in any division in which they manage or coach.

27.  The pitch count chart must be followed with no exceptions, for divisions requiring pitch counts.  The pitch count chart is the responsibility of the home team.  Should the home team fail to keep the pitch count chart, then one maintained by the visiting team will become the official record.  All pitch count forms must be completely filled out and submitted immediately following the completion of the game to the league VP via text.

28.  The penalty for violating any pitch count rules is a one game suspension of the manager and the forfeiture of the game.

29.  All divisions will use a continuous batting order during the regular season. In addition to this rule no player will sit out a second defensive inning until all players have sat out once. The only exception to this rule is a player arriving after the start of the game, and the Pitcher. The pitcher can continue pitching until such time that the manager chooses or pitching limits require removal. Majors boys baseball will NOT follow this rule: 

30.  ELL has instituted the High School rule of the umpires being able to restrict the coach to the bench.  It is the equivalent of a warning and coming off of the bench or yelling from the dugout will get you removed, which will also carry a visit to the board and an additional game suspension.

Any unsportsmanlike act to include (but not limited to),

·        use of words or actions to incite spectators,

·        use of profanity, intimidation tactics, remarks reflecting unfavorably upon another person, or taunting or baiting,

·        use of language intended to intimidate,

·        behavior not in accordance with the spirit of fair play,

      Penalty:  For coaches who violate the above, the umpire may restrict the offender to the dugout for the remainder of the game, or eject the offender.  Any coach restricted to the bench shall be ejected for further misconduct.  The coach may leave the dugout only to attend to an injured or ill player. 

31.  Facemask guards must we worn by all players 12 and under. Any helmets the league provides will have them. If the ones you were provided are damaged, or needs replaced please let your VP know. 

32.  In regard to the Little League blood rule, all bleeding must be stopped, the open wound covered, and the uniform changed (if blood stained) before the player may continue playing.

33.  Borrowed Player Rule: in an effort to play all games possible teams can borrow players from within their league and the leagues below. A player borrowed within the league must bat last in the order and play an outfield position. A player from a league below has no restrictions.   

34. All Player Must wear a throat guard while catching. (Including warming up the pitcher)   

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